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SimpleSelect Accredited Providers – Choose the best in the business

SimpleSelect providers must pass a thorough due diligence process.

Only the best providers can offer SimpleSelect to their patients.

It is surprising the number practices in the industry that don’t understand the finance options they offer their patients and how financially dangerous some of them can be.

At SimpleSelect, our providers are carefully selected and must pass a thorough due diligence process before being approved to offer SimpleSelect to their patients.  We look for providers that are financially strong, have a track record for excellent service to their patients, have a good understanding of how financing promotions work and we want practices who wish to offer their patients the very best when it comes to patient financing.

SimpleSelect Accredited Practices™ display the following characteristics.

  • Financial Health – Most SimpleSelect providers are required to submit financial statements to prove that they are financial sound and will be around long term to serve their patients.
  • Good Business Credit – We pull credit on the practice and majority principal owner(s) to evaluate how they have treated their other banking relationships.
  • Positive Online Reviews – We pay close attention to what current and former patients say about our practices before enrolling them. We want to make sure that not only do they do good work, but that they make sure to correct mistakes quickly and to the patient’s satisfaction.
  • SimpleSelect Product knowledge – Prior to enrollment our practices are trained on how to properly explain SimpleSelect loan options and why SimpleSelect truly is the best loan a patient can get in the industry.

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